DOGtorRx – Canine Longevity Support

My wife and I began using this product on our Border Collie, Panda, about 5 years ago. Panda runs almost all of the time in our large back yard and sometimes develops a limp. A few years ago, that limp started to last. For weeks, it would not go away. Then, I ran into a friend who I was doing some website work for. He had patented an Oligopeptide product for canines. What a small world! The clinical reports were strong, and the product looked promising.

I ordered a case of it, and started “Panda” on the product immediately. Within two days his limp was gone. I give him one capsule with every evening meal. Panda is now 11, and runs like mad all day long! Then my neighbor was so impressed with the improvement in Panda, that he asked for some for his aging Golden Retriever, Allie. Allie was 11 at the time and had difficulty even getting up. Within a few days of starting the product, Allie was up and down easily. Another week or so later she was running up and down the hills on my friend’s 10-acre horse farm. This was a new dog! That was 2017. Sadly, however, Allie just passed away in December 2022 at the ripe old age of 15. Do you know any Goldens that have lived that long? DOGtorRx is truly amazing stuff.

If your dog is aging, and having mobility issues, just try even ONE bottle. You will be shocked at how well it works. My neighbor will be making a testimonial shortly for me about this. I’ll post it here as soon as I get it.

About the author: Nick Walsh